Hollister, San Benito County Real Estate Market Update for July 31st, 2010

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Single Family Residential



San Benito County-178 of which REO/Bank Owned-26 or 15%

Hollister-111 of which REO/Bank Owned-19 or 17%


San Benito County-179 of which REO/Bank Owned-29 or 16%

Hollister-148 of which REO/Bank Owned-26 or 18%

Absorption Rate:

San Benito County-1 month supply of inventory

Hollister-.75 months supply of inventory or 23 days


Solds for the week: 18 (couple of later reporting’s skew #’s)

High Sold: $700,000 Equity Sale, New Conv. 1st

Low Sold: $55,000 REO/Bank Owned, All Cash

Full-Price/Over-Asking: 7 or 39%


Sale Type:

REO/Bank Owned-11 or 61%

Equity Sale-4 or 22%

Short Sale-3 or 17%


Financing Type:

New Conv. 1st-7 or 39%

All Cash-5 or 28%

FHA Loan-4 or 22%

VA Loan-1 or 6%

USDA Loan-1 or 6%


Wow! For some reason it feels like the market has fallen off a cliff…..Whatever cycle the market is in there is still a micro-cycle within and we are in what I call the dregs of summer! That being said…our absorption rate for the San Benito County has reached 1 month. We have not seen this number in probably 2 years. Interest Rates remain historically low i.e. around 4.5% but lending standards are tougher than we’ve ever seen. The economy seems worse than what we’re hearing in the news…..Our market values have come down about 58% from the peak so if you can make a purchase…it is an awesome time to buy!

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